It's Finally Here!
A Cartoon Book that takes a light-hearted look
at the Palm Springs lifestyle!
It has Drama! It has Humor!
It has Satire!

Palm Springs Lite Book Cover
The 7" X 9" Book has a glossy soft cover and
47 pages of 79 humorous cartoons
by Didier Bloch & Cynthia-Meckl-Sloan

Somebody once said, humor, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. Well, if that's true, and I believe it is, "Palm Springs Lite" is the Picasso of satirical humor. In a world in which we sometimes are forced to see only the dark side of life, Didier Bloch and Cynthia Meckl-Sloan have given us the tools to smile, chuckle and outright laugh at our everyday life in the beautiful and enviable desert of the Coachella Valley.

Take the pages by the horns and laugh out loud at the slices of "Lite" in this very enjoyable book. Wishing you all Good Reading and many Lafs!

Frank Furino
Writer, Director, Playwright
Los Angeles