About the Authors
Cindy Meckl-Sloan

Cynthia Meckl-Sloan

Self-taught cartoonist, Cynthia Meckl-Sloan, started drawing cartoons when she was eight years old, and was strongly influenced by the illustrations and humor in Mad Magazine. "I used to study the cartoons because I wanted to draw caricatures like that," she explains. Since then, she has transformed her humor into cartoons and greeting card illustrations. Also, Cynthia has authored a humorous play entitled "Omlet", based on Hamlet, and has composed satirical poetry in the Mad magazine style. Cynthia is an English Professor and is currently working on a Doctorate.
Didier Block

Didier Bloch

Born in Switzerland and raised in Paris, Didier traveled to Canada and Tahiti after attending hotel school in Lausanne, Switzerland. In 1993, he opened his restaurant, Cafe des Beaux-Arts, in Palm Desert, California. He is married to Christina, who is an accomplished artist, and is the father of three children. He is the co-author of a play that premiered in Hollywood on October, 2013, called "Marilyn, Madness & Me". Didier was also the coach of the U.S. Petanque team for the World Championship in 2012 that competed in Marseilles France.